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Finanse i opłaty

Opłaty i finansowanie kursu Romain Designs

W Romain Designs wierzymy, że koszty nie powinny być przeszkodą w rozwoju osobistym, dlatego zadbaliśmy o to, aby nasze czesne jest niższe niż w przypadku tradycyjnych dostawców szkoleń i uczelni. Jeśli szukasz inteligentnej, opłacalnej opcji, nie szukaj dalej - Romain Designs możesz zachować kontrolę nad swoimi finansami i jednocześnie skupić się na nauce.

Dostępnych jest wiele opcji dla studentów w zależności od poziomu studiów, kraju ojczystego i preferowanej metody płatności.


Poniżej możesz zapoznać się z pomocą finansową dla studentów w Romain Designs, w tym z wymaganiami i aplikacjami finansowymi dla studentów, kursem finansowanym * Na podstawie kryteriów i dostępności oraz planami płatności.

Przeczytaj poniżej, aby zapoznać się z pomocą finansową dla studentów w Romain Designs, w tym z wymaganiami i aplikacjami finansowymi dla studentów, możliwymi kursami finansowanymi i planami płatności.

Mieszane kształcenie licencjackie (Wielka Brytania)

Student Loan (UK Students) Many UK students choose to pay for their studies with a student loan from the Student Loans Company (SLC). This loan is typically administered in two parts for each academic year: a tuition fee loan paid directly to your university to cover your fees, and a maintenance loan paid directly to you to cover your living expenses. More information on how much you can borrow can be found here. Once you’ve finished your course, your loan repayment will begin only once your income rises above the repayment threshold, which is currently £27,295 a year before tax (this equates to £2,274 a month, or £524 a week). So for example, if your salary is £2,310 a month before tax, you'll pay back £3 per month under the current repayment conditions. Loan repayment terms are reviewed annually, so we recommend visiting the UK Government website for the most up to date information.

Self-funding To secure your place on your course, you’ll be required to pay a holding fee (deposit), which is the cost of one module of study and varies from course to course. The fee for blended learning courses 100% refundable up to 7 days after the start of the course. If you decide to enrol on a course at Virtue Learning Hub solutions you’ll be required to either agree to a payment plan for your course fees, or pay the full cost fee up front. *Please note the deposit is non-refundable, if you withdraw from the course after receiving your login details . As this covers the administration that would have taken conducted.

Pay in full If you have the available funds to go this route, you can either pay for your Virtue Learning Hub Solutions course all in one go. The fees payable for the course will need to be settled once we have received your pre-enrolment form. We accept credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, UK Maestro), bank transfers, or Paypal (if you’re paying in GBP). We accept Amex cards for payment. The holding fee (deposit) paid will be deducted from the total amount payable. If you are not making an online payment for the course, we will email you out an invoice. Alternatively we can arrange for you to make a payment over the phone.

Pay by instalments You can also choose to enter a payment plan for each month of study, which can be established with our finance manager and by making a deposit via our online shop prior to completing our pre- enrolment form. The payment plan fee will be deducted from the fees payable, and you’ll pay your remaining fees for that course based on the designated payment plan. After each month of study, you’ll need to confirm whether you wish to continue with your payment plan or pay in full for your course. Our payment plans are reviewed periodically. If you wish to pay for your studies via instalments, all the information you need will be explained to you clearly in advance.

What do the fees include? Our course fees cover all the study materials you need, 24/7 access to our virtual learning environment and career portal, as well as dedicated support from both your tutor and student support team. You can also purchase our totum card, which will give you discounts on various stores, restaurant, cinemas and more.... Please note you must level 3 Diploma courses to qualify e.g year in length.

How do I pay? You can pay for your course online through bank transfer, credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, UK Maestro), bank transfer, or PayPal (if you’re paying in GBP). We accept Amex cards for payment. Is there a charge for international bank transfers? This is usually the case if not in the UK. As we need to receive your payment in full, please discuss this with your bank before making the transfer. They can inform you about the transfer fee and ensure we receive the full amount.

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