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Daniel Williams

21 Mar 2022

Assessment Guidance

You must fully complete each of the questions within this assessment in order to achieve this unit. Once you have completed this assessment, your Assessor/Tutor will review your responses and provide you with detailed written feedback. The purpose of the feedback is to: – provide guidance and support to enable you to meet each of the assessment criteria – provide comment on the validity, accuracy, reliability and sufficiency of your answers – record any discussions that have taken place between you and your Assessor/Tutor

Once your Assessor/Tutor has reviewed your responses, they may give your assessment back to you and ask you to amend some of your answers if they do not meet the criteria. If this happens, your Assessor/Tutor will explain what you need to do. Once you have amended your answers, you will need to resubmit your Assessment to your Assessor/Tutor. Once your Assessor/Tutor has confirmed that your assessment meets the required standard, they will submit your work for quality assurance. This will show that the work has been completed to the Assessor’s/Tutor’s satisfaction. A sample of your work may also be reviewed by an Internal Quality Assurer. Their role is not to assess your work, as this is the responsibility of your Assessor/Tutor. The reason for this sampling is to monitor the consistency and quality of the marking and feedback that you receive from your Assessor/Tutor.

Internal/external quality assurance

At the end of the course, once your Assessor/Tutor has indicated that all learning outcomes have been achieved, your work may be submitted for internal quality assurance. The Internal Quality Assurer will confirm that your Assessor/Tutor is consistently and fairly marking work to the required standard. An External Quality Assurer, employed by the Awarding Organisation, will also check your work to ensure that it has been assessed in line with their agreed standards.

Certification process

When you have successfully achieved all of the assessments for the qualification, your Certificate will be requested from your Awarding Organisation and sent to you in recognition of your achievement.

Key Terms

In order to meet the assessment criteria, it is important that you answer all questions completely. Take care to read the assessment question properly.

Some will ask you to ‘identify’, whilst some will ask you to ‘describe’ or ‘explain’. The following information will help you to achieve the requirements of each of the assessment criteria.

Key Term Description

Compare Your answer should consider the similarities and differences between different things.

Define Your answer must give the precise meaning of a word.

Describe In order to describe something, you must give a detailed account of it. .

Explain You need to ensure that your answer is clear, revealing relevant facts

Give examples You need to list some examples to give detailed information to illustrate your point

Identify Your answer should establish who or what something is

List Your answer should give an item-by-item record of names or things that are written one below the other

Outline You should give a short, general explanation outlining the essential features of the answer, not the detail. It should summarise the main points

Demonstrate You need to provide evidence of performancePlan, you should provide a detailed proposal for how you would go about doing something

Suggest You should use your knowledge and understanding of a subject to make a recommendation

State You need to say what is meant by a term or give facts about something

Summarise You need to identify the main points from a text and list them

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