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Funded Courses

Please complete our pre-enrolment form!

Creative Working

Funded Courses!

  • Living in the Borough of Southwark Residents only!

  • Aged 19+

  • Enrolment ends for funded courses below on the 30th of July 2024

  • Please note if you apply after this date, you will be added to our waiting list

  • It is important to read all the information below, as it will provide you with guidance 

  • If you are a business, agency or organisation, please click this link









Information for Parents and Staff


* Please note, that funding is only available on the selected courses below and is only available via referral from one of our partnerships with specific businesses, care homes, nurseries, family centres or healthcare agencies on our list. 


You must disclose this on the pre-assessment form,  who referred you, as we have limited spaces. *(This will be verified).


Once you have made your choice, please complete the enrolment form and remember to select funded including the name or establishment that referred you!

You will then be contacted to discuss your course, to check your eligibility and start date.  You will also need to complete funding enrolment paperwork with the required ID when received to secure your place.

Courses are delivered as blended learning or completely online.  We will also confirm based on your qualification choice, if you will be required to obtain a placement. To gather the content of a course, please select and click to download the information sheet on the relevant course (Click the link).

* Please note, if you visit a course on our main website under the courses menu, you will see fees attached to the page. This information is for our full fee-paying learners (as mentioned, ignore if applying to one of our funded courses offered through one of our partnerships).

Important Guidance

For context, the level 2 Cert in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, is an online course consisting of 11 units over 18 weeks.  This requires a placement in which you must have at least 50-80 hours of practicum in a school environment.  It cannot be taken in a nursery environment!



The Level 3 diploma in children young people's workforce allows for ten months, it can be completed slightly sooner if you are already working in an environment where you care for children e.g. Childminder, nursery, reception. Family practitioner, or working in a children's centre.  * We want to especially inspire and motivate our unemployed learners, interested in childcare pathway.

* This must be your first level 3 Diploma course for eligibility purposes.


Teaching for the Level 3 Diploma Children and Young People Workforce Course will be taught in the family centre, it will consist of you attending one day a week, time and day to be confirmed. *If we find, that most learners prefer online learning, we may decide to run the course by this method. All enrolled students will be notified in due time. * A placement will still be required, at least 170-200 hours of practicum in a nursery, children's centre, foster service, family centre, or residential care environment supporting children or young people.


If you are unemployed, living in Southwark and do not have a placement, we may be able to assist you with acquiring one via one of our partners. *This is applicable for:

  • Level 3 Diploma Children and Young Peoples Workforce (Social Care)

  • Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

Partnerships Only:

If you are applying for our Level 2 Diploma in Care, (this can be completed in 18 Weeks ( 6 months) and placement is required or if enrolled on the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care this can be completed in 10 months, placement is also required or already working in the environment.  These courses are distance learning (online learning). * We want to especially inspire and motivate our unemployed learners, interested in the adult care pathway


These courses are currently available as funded courses but only for a limited period, and under the prerequisite that marketing came through one of our agreed partners including availability of funding. 


It is essential that you, Initially complete our pre-enrolment form by clicking the button at the top of this page. You will be contacted and sent the full funding enrolment form to complete and return to us.


* Please note, If you do not meet the funding criteria, you will be offered payment options.  This offer will end on the 30th of July 2024. If you apply after this date, you will be added to our waiting list and contacted should funding become available.

 COURSE START DATE IS SEPTEMBER 2024 *Apply now to avoid disappointment

I do hope this helps in your decision-making. 

I look from to you taking your learning journey with us at Virtue Learning Hub Solutions!


J Pollard-Romain

Head of Centre

Virtue Learning Hub Solutions

Village Aerial

Partnership Working

Get ready to take your first step towards a brighter future with Virtue Learning Hub Solutions! We can't wait to hear from you!


 We are proud to work in partnership with agencies, businesses and organizations that share our vision and mission. If you are a healthcare agency, care home, nursery, or family centre interested in funded courses for your staff or parents based in London, please get in touch.

Please note funding opportunities are only available to our partners.  We will not accept any interest outside of this agreement.

Interested in becoming a partner?  Complete our Community Partnership Form and we will be in touch.


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